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Best Yarn From Portugal & Poland

With More than a decade experience in the field of Yarn business and Exports, Impact knitwear is confident of serving the international community with the required quality, timely delivery schedule at a comparatively reasonable price. Impact knitwear is the trustworthy supplier of all type of yarn from Portugal. Just Name the required Yarn with the particulars and we would be able to furnish our best and competitive rates CIF (or) CNF destination port immediately.

Our strength is professional marketing and technical knowledge. We keep close looks to the developments of textile world market due to our extensive global knowledge. Our knowledge and experience of reliable sourcing gives us strong negotiation skill

Our mission is to establish a trustworthy long-term relation between buyer and seller and to deliver a peace of mind to our customers along with their order whilst offering the asked qualities at the best prices and terms available in the market.

Our main keys to success are close relationship with the spinning units. As well as we are experienced of the various quality parameters of the different end uses and different region of the world.

Dyed Yarn

We are regularly exporting dyed 100% cotton yarn for socks, hosiery, towels and sweaters. We use reactive dyes and meet all the washing international standards. We also use antibacterial treatments on the yarns. We can supply you dyed yarns in single/ double and three ply yarns 100% COTTON YARN – DYED/COLORED Category (Ne) Count Range Material / Application / Description RING […]

Mélange Yarn

Typically, Mélange yarn is a blend of a natural fiber and solution-dyed yarn, but there are mélange yarns composed of polyester-polyester and polyamide-polyamide. MÉLANGE YARNS Category (Ne) Count Range Material / Application / Description 100% COTTON MELANGE YARN IN CONES (Carded & Combed)Viscose Cotton Blend MELANGE YARNPolyester Cotton Blend MELANGE YARN Ne 6’s to 40’s […]

Mercerized Yarn

Mercerized cotton is a special kind of cotton yarn that is more lustrous than conventional cotton. It is also stronger, takes dye a little more readily, makes the yarn more resistant to mildew and reduces lint. It also may not shrink or lose its shape as much as “regular” cotton. We can provide you gassed […]

Ring Spun Combed / Carded Yarn / Open end Yarn

For all of your knitting and weaving needs, our cotton ring spun combed yarn is available in a variety of counts. Our medium ring spun combed yarns are the preferred choice of circular knitters and hosiery manufacturers worldwide. Our fine ring spun combed yarns, produced with the world’s finest cottons, are used in higher-end sheeting […]

Regenerated Yarn

We are specialized supplier of regenerated cotton open end yarn. Recycled cotton yarn is for socks. Regenerated yarn is with strong strength and low price in market and produced by requirement regenerated yarn can be twist in many plies by requirement. Common colors in regenerated yarn are BLACK, WHITE, NAVY and GREY MÉLANGE. The counts […]

Poly Cotton Blended Yarn in Combed and Carded

Among our most popular yarn products, we have a complete stock of all types of both combed and cotton poly-cotton blends. MAN MADE FIBER BLENDED YARNS Category (Ne) Count Range Material / Application / Description Polyester Viscose Blended Ring Spun Yarn (Ratio of 65:35, 58:42) Ne 10’s to 80’s in Single & Ply (Doubled) Both […]

Core Spun Yarn

This type of yarn is made by twisting fibers around a filament. Core spun yarn consists of two elements, a spun fiber and a second material, typically spandex (or Lycra) in the case of cotton and viscose. Uses for core spun yarn include sewing thread, socks, and blankets.

Modal Yarn

Modal yarns are known for their brilliant colors, even after many washings. Fabrics made from modal yarn are very moisture absorbent and are often used in terry fabrics, towels and knitwear apparel. We can dye modal yarn and can give you any color as per buyer requirement. We can also supply cotton modal blends as […]

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